Four Play with Fergie

The four contestants in the four seats on The Four seem to come and go faster than trick or treaters on Halloween. And this week looks to be no different! Fergie hosts the show and spent a few minutes with Critic’s Cocktail to talk about this week’s show, which she says is gonna be “epic.” “Let me tell you this week every seat gets challenged.” Spoiler alert: it looks like all comers will survive the Rings of Death and get to name a challenge. “It’s very Hunger Games. It’s very dramatic, it’s very intense.”

In The Air Tonight

With contestants, judges panelists, and the audience on all sides, Fergie Ferg is in the middle of the action. And she says when the vote is in the entire mood of the room changes. “You can feel the thickness of the room sometimes and the tension and I’m standing there with the challenger or the four on either side of me and the emotions are running really high.” And once she announces the results, her job doesn’t get any easier. “It feels great when somebody wins but on the other hand you feel so much for the people when they have to take that walk onto their next path.” Send ’em over to the Critic, we’ll pour ’em an Amaretto Sour Note.

Reality Gets Real

“This isn’t the make you all light and fluffy show.” Fergie may be there offering hugs but that hardly softens the blow for wanabees getting the boot. “You gotta be really tough. Cuz this panel Diddy, DJ Khaled, Meghan Trainor, Charlie Walk they’re no cakewalk.” True, especially when music executive Charlie Walk weighs in with his opinion. But Fergs, who’s dealt with record reps her entire career, says deal with it! “This isn’t the make you all light and fluffy show.”

The Vote Is In

When a challenge goes down, the studio audience votes on who stays and who goes. Now that Fergie’s got a few shows under her stylish belt and seen some epic sing-offs go down, we asked if the audience ever got it wrong. While she didn’t name names (she’s much too classy for that), she did say it’s been hard to see a couple of her personal faves lose their seats. “It’s hard to see people go who are great. Like a Lex Lu or an Ash.” ¬†Totally agree. Lex had that Macy Gray vibe down and Ash had that exotic look with the panty dropper accent.

 The Critic Recommends

Fergie launched her own line of wines a few years back, Ferguson Crest, which describes itself as Fergalicious right on the label. Track down a bottle and chug everytime one of The Four loses their seat. You may want to keep the Excedrin handy tomorrow morning.


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