D&D (Dylan vs Dermot)

Dylan McDermott. Dermot Mulroney. So similar in name, appearance, and roles you can barely tell them apart. If you have too much gin, you really can’t tell them apart! So make sure you don’t imbibe too much before watching tonight’s episode of LA to Vegas because their worlds are about to collide. The cocksure Captain Dave (McDermott) is coming face to face with the Doppelgänger-esque Captain Steve (Mulroney). This is a swagger overload waiting to happen.

Fans have confused the two for decades (which one was in My Best Friend’s Wedding?). When the Cocktail chatted up Dylan, he confirmed the casting is more than coincidence. “Lon Zimmer our creator really wanted to poke fun at that because he called me up and said would you be okay with casting Dermot and I said absolutely. I’ve always wanted to work with him and now it’s 30 years later.. it’s time!”

Dylan says Dermot (say that five times fast) is a great actor and both are in on the joke and have been since back in the day. “It’s been so long and so hard and people confusing our names for so long and they did the skit on Saturday Night Live that you know I was so happy to see him and so happy that he did the show. He did such a great job he’s so funny and finally to see us together I thought was just epic.”

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

For tonight’s episode we recommend Everclear. Why not? You’re going to be seeing double anyway.


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