The Four Bring Their A-Game

The perfect song for The Four’s contestants would be Culture Club’s Karma Chameleon. Because they come and go. And current occupant of one of the seats, James Warrior says, that’s just fine. “Hey new faces. New faces we switched it up.” Critic’s Cocktail talked with the three reigning singers who won their spots last week. But now they’re the ones in the hot seats and it’s a different view that demands a different strategy because now someone’s coming for them.

The Challenges of Challenges

The hardest part is they don’t know who is gonna challenge them or what style of music they’ll compete against. Cheyenne Elliot told us they can’t let their opponent get in their head. “I think we can’t really worry about what they’re gonna do. We can’t worry about the challengers we have to worry about our performance and make sure that we come out strong if we do get challenged and bring our A-game. Cuz we don’t know what they’re bringing so we have to know that we’re confident in what we’re going to bring to that stage.” And that is doubly true when making their song selections. James says you gotta let you do you. “When it goes to picking songs and making sure you pick the right song it’s all about making sure you stay true to who you are as an artist you know because if you can stay true to who you are as an artist and deliver that through song the audience can def feel that and pick up on that. If you’re being true to yourself they will also notice and feel the same thing as well.”

Here To Help

Now that they’re in the coveted chairs The Four are getting more advice from the judges panelists. Cheyenne describes it perfectly in two words: “Tough Love.”  From the big gestures from DJ Khaled to the cold hard reality check from Charlie Walk, it’s a lot to take in for someone new to this big of a stage. “They’ve been very great big helps,” James told us, “with words of encouragement they’ve been giving us. It’s real though.”

And it’s going to get really real tonight. As Fergie told Critic’s Cocktail yesterday, all four will get challenged tonight.

The Critic Recommends

We’re working overtime behind the bar.  The Four demands Four cocktails.  A light beer for when a pretender is bumped off for a contender. An Amaretto Sour Note to drown out a performance that falls flat. A glass of champagne when your fave makes it through and a low grade, god awful cheap whisky for when an overrated wannabe bumps off your fave.


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