Crisis Diverted: A Cocktail Convo About Meghan & Harry

Harry and Meghan are a royal pain for Queen Elizabeth II. It’s been three weeks since they announced they’re quitting royalty stepping back from their royal duties and moving to Canada. The official line is this was a mutual decision. But a lot of people say that’s just a front for a full on royal rift.

One of those people is Harvey Levin. The TMZ Guru has tapped his network of royal insiders to put together a special (8PM ET tonight on FOX) on the palace intrigue. Harvey hung out with The Cocktail to talk about the rogue royals.

Windsor Waning

I pointed out to Harvey that this special could be a regular, 22 episode season because the royals are always in crisis! He laughed, but says this time it’s different. “The crisis here, I think, is that it could spell the beginning of the end of the royal family. I say that because the Queen begged, begged, Harry and Meghan not to do this and they said we’re doing it anyway. And ultimately she got checkmated.”

Her Majesty? Checkmated? Couldn’t she have saved face by just throwing them in the Tower of London, and let them out only to do royal engagements? If it’s good enough for the 15th century, it’s good enough for the 21st century.

But I digress. Harvey believes H&M are gonna make a lot more money on their own than they ever would touring Australia or opening supermarkets on behalf of his royal grammy. “We have talked to a lot of people about their prospects now that they’re away and going into entertainment.”  We’re talking up to $500,000(US) just for a speaking engagement. Plus you just know the duchess will land a show on Apple+.

And Harvey isn’t the only one bullish on their money making potential. “People who know a lot about branding and entertainment like Ryan Seacrest, Mark Cuban, Lisa Vanderpump, Dr. Phil, they say that Meghan and Harry could be billionaires by the end, in the not to distant future. They’re so marketable.”

And while this is bad for the Queen and her lackey son Charles, Harvey expects things could get worse quickly. “Now that they’ve bolted, against the Queen’s wishes, for a life that some say is going t make them extremely rich, what’s to stop the royals behind them from doing exactly the same thing? Especially those that aren’t going to be King or Queen.”

Palace Coup

Harry has long blamed the paparazzi and the Royal Household for the death of his mother, Princess Diana. I think leaving was always in the cards, and Meghan fit perfectly into those plans. “I think that if Harry never met Meghan, ever, he would have left the royal family. He never wanted to be a member of the monarchy, ever. And he was happiest when he was a soldier in Afghanistan. And so it wasn’t her dragging him out of England. He never really wanted that life.”

Harvey also thinks Meghan’s being blamed for the worst reason possible. “And she really has been made a scapegoat and part of it is because she’s black. And you will see an element of racism in this.”

No Canada

So now the semi-royal couple will spend at least half their time in Canada. His grandma is still on all the money there, so he’ll still feel like she’s watching his every move. But Harv thinks that’s the least of their issues. “If they think this is some panacea of going to Canada, they’re in for a shock and I think they’ve already realized it.”

Turns out, jolly old England may be better for Duke’ing in private. “The laws in Great Britain protect them more from the media than the laws in Canada and the United States. So they’re already feeling this and they may be surprised about it. Neither of them have been in Canada when they were married like this. They’re now finding that the scrutiny like this is intense and they don’t have the protection they used to have.”

Who knew Canada would be this much worse? “Slightly better access and the laws don’t protect them in nearly the same way that they’re protected in England.”

Bowl’d Over

Of course, his main job is running the TMZ Empire. And with the sports and entertainment worlds colliding in Miami this week, I wanted to know if he’s coming down to manage the madness. “I’m sending my army of TMZ Sports reporters. I’m stuck here at the ranch.”

That’s a shame, because So-Flo has a special place in his heart. “I’m certainly jealous. Miami was my first job out of law schol, living in Miami, and it was my favorite time in my life. So I’m jealous.”

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

The Queen’s favorite cocktail for Day Drinking is a gin and Dubonnet cocktail with lemon and ice. If this really is the start of a Royal Rebellion, she better make it a double!


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