Old and New Blend (Sort Of)

Awkward way to open the show, Lizzo shout out to Kobe then does a killer set. I love her outfits, her nails, her message

Alicia Keys saves it with a tribute. She is clearly an empath, focusing all the emotions inside the Staples Center. I liked the Boys II Men tribute she did for Kobe. Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani were a good act to come out of that

Alicia Keys’ monologue at piano is nice but a bit preachy, but love the song! Billy Crystal would be proud

Lizzo puts life into perspective when she accepts for Pop Solo

Tyler the Creator and his clone army injected much needed life into this show

I. Am. So. OVER Camilla Cabello. She and Shawn Mendes should spend two years on tour in Micronesia

Tanya Tucker. A classic. A legend.

I’m over Ariana Grande too. Generic pop at its least finest

Billie Eilish is great for music overall, not just pop. I really hope she has staying power

Aerosmith still gots it! And RUN-DMC? Junior High me is in heaven right now

Tyler the Creator bringing his mom on stage to accept his Grammy is EVERYTHING

X Meets K! Lil Nas X with K-Pop sensation BTS and others was the best collaboration of the night so far

This show drags on farrrrrrr toooooooo lonnnnnnnggggggg

After all these years Bonnie Raitt is still smooth and awesome. The show has lacked energy, but been a good mix of legends and newcomers

Billie Eilish will never have another night like this.  Congrats girl!

This show makes the Oscars seem brief and concise

OMG I DO NOT Need to sing the body electric

Clearly Billie Eilish didn’t write 5 acceptance speeches

I’m going to bed with Bad Guy playing on the blue tooth speakers


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