It’s EMMY Night.. Where is the Excitement?

When it comes to the EMMYs, it’s Game of Thrones world, and we’re just applauding it. The show picked up 10 trophies last weekend at the Creative Arts EMMY ceremony. The series is as close to a lock for Best Drama Series. The show already has more trophies than any other narrative in television history.

So with Game of Thrones expected to take its final EMMY bow tonight at 8pm EDT on FOX, you’d think there’d be plenty of people ready to watch. But the last (very short) season isn’t loved by fans. That apathy may lead to many of them figuring they can watch the highlights later on their phones and skip sitting through the three-plus hour ceremony.

I expect rating for tonight’s show to be down. Way down.

Host of Issues

There’s no host for tonight’s shows, just like the Oscars did in February.  So now television isn’t content just stealing stars from movies (I’m looking at you PrimeHuFlix), they’re stealing their awards ideas.

Yes, it worked for the Oscars, but it was different, and the reason the Oscars went hostess was also a headline making pseudo scandal. People tuned in to see if it would be a total $#!tshow. But it turned out fine. The show moved along and Green Book surprised everyone by winning Best Picture. Well, not everyone!

But this show has no one to gin up excitement in promos or create online buzz. And when I mentioned the show this weekend, one of my television colleagues had completely forgotten it was on tonight. And she works for FOX!

Nominees That Aren’t Dragon Dependent

Sooo.. which shows will we be hearing from? I expect to hear HBO’s Chernobyl called a lot in the Limited Series or Movie categories.

Barry won big last year but I think its HBO sister, Julia Louis-Dreyfus will be the Queen of the Comedy categories. The show had a great final season and has been an EMMY darling through its entire run.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver will likely win a third straight trophy for Outstanding Variety Talk Series, though I’m pulling for Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal.

In the Variety Sketch categories, Saturday Night Live is the gorilla in the room, but any of the other nominees could woo voters and steal it away. Or they could split the vote and hand it to SNL in a plurality.  I think I Love You, America with Sarah Silverman has the best shot of an upset.

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

Watch the Rams at Browns on Sunday Night Football and watch highlights on your phone tomorrow. Pop a bottle of Masterchef wine. Gordon Ramsey sent me a few bottles and it’s delicious.



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