Cocktail Convo with Star’s Jude Demorest

Working while you’re pregnant can be exhausting.  Having millions of people talking about it can be stressful. But if you’re Star’s Jude Demorest you just laugh it all off.  And that’s especially remarkable since season three of her show is going to be art imitating life.. HER LIFE!

Oh Baby

There’s a moment in the show where Star announces she’s pregnant, and Carlotta (Queen Latifah) exclaims “With a baby?!?!” So we asked if that was the way producers and creator Lee Daniels reacted when Jude told them about her real life pregnancy.

“That’s actually a hilarious question.” And the answer was no and yes. “Queen actually adlib’d that. That was just something she threw in. It’s a very similar reaction to Lee, actually” Jude laughed.

It’s great that she can laugh, especially since the new season is an exaggerated version of her actual life. “It was strange because nobody knew I was pregnant back when I was filming the first few episodes. A lot of the story in the first few episodes is Star’s pregnancy being revealed to the world and their reactions on the internet.”

We’re guessing the real life fans aren’t going to be as biting as the fiction fans of Take Three. “So it was really interesting to see them film that, and then to live that. and how similar that was.”

More Than Baby Daddy Drama

While the pregnancy, and who is the papa, will be a big part of the season, there’s a lot more going down. And Jude can barely contain herself. “There’s plenty of baby daddy drama. There’s a lot of drama with.. oops. I almost did something terrible!”

Spoiler Alert: Jude has trouble not dropping spoilers!

After catching herself, she took us back to the end of season two. “There was a plane crash at the end of the season, and so we’re gonna find out the results of that and what happens to the people in that crash. So that’s a lot of the drama as well.”

When there’s a huge event like a plane crash, we asked if the actors tend to be nicer to the writers and producers. “There’s definitely a lot of smiling at table reads. A lot of sweet voices.”

Turns out, it makes things seem a bit more tenuous on set. “It’s strange when they write something like that in, you’re like ‘alright, well, see you guys next week. Maybe.'”

Changing Her Tune

Jude did giveaway a few spoilers. Turns out, life is also falling apart for Carlotta. “There’s also a whole takeover at Midtown Sound. Carlotta’s fighting with the new label head as she always is. So everybody has their little piece.”

There will also be some amazing music (natch!) from some amazing guests. “Ooo. There are some amazing musical numbers in the first two episodes. We have amazing new guest stars that have come in and just been fun to work with and brought a different feeling to the set. But then we have our little family that we’ve now been with for three years. And been in each other’s faces every minute.”

And of course, Brandy is back and is gonna steal the show again. “Brandy Norwood has some incredible songs. The fact that we get to have her on our show, of course I’m going to say that. Because it’s just wild to me that she’s even with us.”

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

A Shirley Temple. Just this once, for just one episode, we will do the unthinkable and have a non-alcoholic drink, out of solidarity for our pregnant friend, Jude.


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