Cocktail Convo with Seann William Scott

Joining a show in its third season can be tough. Joining it when you’re replacing an actor who was booted for being abusive on set is always delicate. And that’s the situation Seann Williams Scott walked into when he joined the cast of Lethal Weapon.

He chilled with The Cocktail to dish about the situation on the set of one of FOX’s top shows.

The Replacement

Late last season, Clayne Crawford was fired from the series after a bunch of on-set drama went public, accusing him of being abusive and creating an unsafe work environment.  Good times. “That’s definitely weird. I’ve never approached a project or started a project where there’s like anything negative about it you know.”

Seann says he has a strategy and is sticking to it. “I just knew that on my end none of that stuff was my business. It was important for me to stay out of it and just try to do the best that I could. And you know it’s been a really fun opportunity to play with a character that allows me to do things that I haven’t had the chance to do in other films. My focus has been to make the best of the opportunity and have fun and cross my fingers that I’m not ruining the show.”

Being His Own Man

The opportunity Seann’s talking about is the opportunity to make his own character. When the new season debuts tonight on FOX at 9pm ET, we’ll be introduced to Wesley Cole, an ex-CIA officer who decides to move to Los Angeles to be closer to his daughter. Not exactly a character from the Lethal Weapon canon.

“We didn’t have a character like Riggs that we could draw from the films. Which Clayne was able to make his own when they were shooting for those two seasons.” But once he signed on, Seann dove in and got in good with the writers. “It was interesting because it did come together pretty quickly. I thought they did a really great job from the time that they were telling me about the character and I was able to kinda pitch in my ideas as well. And how they executed it for that first script, for the first episode. And it’s really kind of evolved from there.”

They’ve already shot a few episodes, but it’s still a work in progress. “This has been challenging but I think the character’s gonna be fun. I hope it complements everything that they’ve already done and what we’re trying to do now. But we’re still figuring it out.”

Last season, Lethal Weapon was FOX’s second highest rated scripted show, behind Empire. That’s pretty good company to keep. So we wanted to know how the fans have reacted to the news. “I don’t know dude. I don’t have twitter or any of those things which might be a good thing because that way I don’t see any negative stuff.”

Making Mama Proud

But there is one fan who’s thrilled with Seann’s new gig: his mom! “I can tell you my mom’s pretty excited. So that’s all that matters to me.”

Turns out, some of his other more raunchy roles have had mom cringing. “You have to think of the movies I’ve done. There’s been certainly some things I’ve done in films that she hasn’t been super proud of. So here just the fact that I’m cursing every other line. She’s pretty psyched about that.”

So, what if FOX decides to move Lethal Weapon to FXX? “There’ll be swearing. But she’s used to it at this point.”

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

The New Orleans Hand Grenade. Brobible rates it as the most Lethal cocktail on the planet. It includes Everclear, so we’re taking them at their word and booking a ticket to the Big Easy!


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