A Cocktail Conversation with The Four Winner Evvie

We knew we would be writing today about Zhavia’s triumph on The Four.  We were sure of it.  Not that we would ever write a post and fill in the quotes later.  But if we had done that we’d be bulk erasing it and writing and EVEN BETTER story.  That’s because she faltered early which led to her getting challenged and getting out sung!

Evvie won round one, and with it the right to pick her competitor for a semi-final sing-off.. and she chose Zhavia!?!  It was either a stroke of stroke of genius or a death wish.  We told that to Evvie today and she was as surprised as we were!  “Honestly, I didn’t know I was gonna challenge Zhavia until that moment that Fergie asked me to.”  Zhavia came out of the gate weak, and Evvie told us her gut said it was time to pounce! “I chose Zhavia based on what the panel had responded to her. They said this was not the best performance this wasn’t the best song you didn’t really reach me and engage with the audience.”

The matchup was inevitable, so she went for it.  “So I said if I gotta win I gotta take down the strongest person.”

Hitting Her High Note

After taking down the frontrunner, she waited for the winner of Candice and Vincint.  He chose Bruno Mars’ Locked Out of Heaven, and couldn’t match the energy of the song.  The judges panelists pretended to have a hard time choosing a winner, but this was a no brainer.  And from there it was Evvie in a walk.

So now that she’s got a record deal, Evs was excited to tell us what we can expect next. “My music is just gonna be real. It’s me pulling out the real in you.” One thing she learned  from this reality experience is the best way to get noticed is to learn from others but always be yourself.  “I’m looking forward to putting young, free, soul music on my first album. And I want it to be as real and as honest as genuine as sincere as I am as a person. I feel like me being so young, a lot of young people are overlooked a lot of people say you’re young you just listen to fun music you just listen to party music. That’s not necessarily always true.”

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

Evvie has a soulful voice and a good soul. We recommend you check out her performances while sipping on a glass of Martini & Rossi Asti Sparkling Wine. You should always toast a champion with some bubbly, but we’ll save the good stuff until her first single goes top 40.



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