A Cocktail Conversation with the Final Four

In what has been called the most amazing reality show to hit the airwaves in years (I’m sure someone in the FOX marketing department describes it as such), The Four reaches its climax tonight and crowns its champ (The One?).  We got to have cocktails with the final four on The Four and look ahead to tonight’s big finale’. (They weren’t having cocktails, so we drank theirs)

Since early January, four champs have tried keeping their seats from wannabee challengers. But now it’s mid-February, and just like in mid-February for the Donner Party, it’s time to eat their own. During our Cocktail Conversation, Vincint was quick to point out this week will be unlike any other, “The competition is a little different this week. It’s just the four of us so we have to go against each other.”

Controlled Chaos

They describe the last week as “chaotic.” That’s an understatement. Charlie Walk, one of the show’s four judge’s panelists left after being accused of sexual misconduct. And having just three on a show called “The Four” can totally send you off brand. But Vincint says they’ve barely had time to notice, “Everyday is something new. We’ve shot a music video, we’ve done interviews, wardrobe.”

While the show has posted moderately adequete ratings on TV, the real impact has been on social media. Contestants gain tens of thousands of followers overnight, and producers encourge the kids to engage with their newfound fans. Sounds great, until you start seeing what’s been posted. Candice is single but not ready to mingle: “I’ve gotten a few proposals. I’m like I’m not ready.” You do you, Candy!

And Zhavia told us she’s become a meme. Specifically: her hair! “I think some funny things that I always see is like fans editing me with normal hair. They’re always like ‘what does she look like with this hair?'” Z’s been on more episodes of the show than any contestant and could likely swing her braids right into the winner’s circle.

Star Power

The best part of the show, at least from their point of view, is getting A-List advice from remaining judges panelists Meghan Trainor, DJ Khaled, and Diddy. “Diddy, the told me something on the first time I appeared to let the world see me,” Evvie told us, “he said whatever you do, do not get comfortable. And he was saying it from a standpoint of there’s so much talent on that stage. There’s so much talent in the room.

And of course at the end of the night, three of The Four will be singing the blues. And Vincint told us they’re perfectly fine with that. “It’s something we love to do, it’s something we’ve loved to do as children.  Now we’re on this platform.  I think it’s tough for all of us.  We all want it so much but we know one person can only have it but we’re all gonna give it our best.”

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

Four fingers of whisky.


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