Oscar Noms Are A Wake Up Call

Oscar nominations are a literal and figurative wake up call for Hollywood’s home stretch into awards season. The nominations began at 5:22am PT, and even though they’re done on the internet, you know publicists were still awake, alert, and in full hair and makeup ready to promote the nominated clients and console the snubbed.. and spin it all to the likes of us!  Pop a bottle and check out our first takes from today’s announcements.

Oscars Not So White Anymore

Mary J. Blige has TWO(!) nominations, as Supporting Actress & Original Song “Mighty River” both from Mudbound.  Jordan Peele has THREE noms, Directing, Best Picture, & Screenplay.  Denzel Washington & Daniel Kaluuya are nominated for Actor.  Octavia Spencer in Shape of Water.  And Kobe Bryant! Kobe! If he wins for animated short they’ll retire another jersey at the Staples Center!

Also, big ups to Greta Gerwig, nominated in Director Category for Lady Bird.  Female nominees are rare in this category.  She’s only one of nine, but one is more than most years.

Female Fierce

In some years, any of the performances in the Best Actress category would be a slam dunk. But in 2017 you have Sally Hawkins give an inspiring and heart breaking performance as a mute societal outcast giving everything for love.. and she’s considered a dark horse!

Frances McDormand has swept the Golden Globes & SAGs, and is a heavy favorite to complete the trifecta with an Oscar.

Meryl Streep carries The Post, and she’s Meryl-Freakin’-Streep, so never count her out. Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan round out the category. All great performances likely to be overshadowed by Hawkins & McDormand.

Technically Speaking

Dunkirk, an early favorite, could still have a big night.. but an early night.  Christopher Nolan’s war epic is up for 7 nominations, including Director & Picture.  But the best chance of hearing its name called will be in the technical categories including Cinematography, Sound Mixing & Editing, Original Score, & Editing.

The Real Battle

But the big Oscar Battle comes down to Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri & The Shape of Water. Both have nominees in Actress category and Supporting Actor category, as well as for Director & Best Picture. We could get a sense of how the night will go in the Visual Effects, Editing, and Original Score categories where the two movies also go head to head.

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

It’s still early. Make yourself another Mimosa. We’re on our third!



    1. 5:22 is 8:22 on the west coast, which is usually when Good Morning America is going to commercials and tossing to affiliates for a local news break, so it seems odd they’d preempt the local stations $$ time. But that is when they started. It struck me as odd, and odd tidbits make impressive conversation points for our readers to use at cocktail parties!


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