Tarnished Gold

Okay, we need to talk about that mess of an awards show that went by the name of The 78th Golden Globes. Yes, it was always going to be a technical challenge pulling off a virtual awards show where the nominees are spread around the world. The Emmys did it pretty well but that template was not followed.

Timing Is Everything

I have no idea why they put the hosts 2500 miles away from each other; Tina Fey in New York and Amy Poehler in Beverly Hills. The fact that they already have natural chemistry from working together back in the days is what saved this from becoming a total disaster. Their timing never quite clicked. This was likely evident in rehearsal and explains why the opening monologue was pared down and watered down. And when they showed Amy and Tina in split screen, why couldn’t they put the west coast host on the left and east coast host on the right? It’s one of those little things you may notice is off, but not sure why.

When going to break, producers tried to tease ahead to the next award by putting the nominees in boxes and having them chat with each other. This didn’t work and should have been stopped after the second try. Some didn’t know they were up. Then they all talked over each other. By the time we could make sense of what they were saying, the announcer came on.

Let Them Speak

When Catherine O’Hara won for Actress in a TV Comedy, they guy next to her jokingly tried to play her off with music from his phone. But the HFPA wasn’t joking as the night wore on. They began playing winners off faster and faster. But there was no reason at all to do this.

They saved a lot of time not having winners walk from remote parts of the ballroom to take the stage and the lack of extended standing ovations. Let the winners talk. There was so much filler that could have been cut; Barb and Star should have stayed in Vista Del Mar. I didn’t need to see celebrity therapy sessions. Kids are cute, but I can die peacefully without knowing their thoughts on the Golden Globes and celebrity culture.

Mark Ruffalo won early and was given time to make the most passionate speech of the night. They started to sneak the music under Best Movie Director ChloĆ© Zhao but pulled back and let her finish her inspiring message. They didn’t dare interrupt Chadwick Boseman’s widow. She brought the virtual room (and me) to tears.

But for the rest of the winners, they got the music. It was awkward and unfair.

Our Bad

From the hosts to presenters to the winners, the HFPA was called out for the lack of diversity among their members. There’s only 87ish of them, none are Black and they were in court recently for their membership practices.

Eventually, top members of the Hollywood Foreign Press came on stage (as they do every year), and pledged to do better. But will they? They looked like they had been called into their Headmaster’s office for a scolding and were more sorry that people noticed than for their behavior.

The Winners

The big winner of the night was Netflix. The Crown won TV Drama, Schitt’s Creek won TV Comedy, and The Queen’s Gambit for Limited Series, with acting wins accompanying each show. Honestly I’m surprised that The Crown ruled. But they did awards did go to the next generation of royals, not the Queen (Olivia Colman). Josh O’Connor won for his role as HRH Prince Charles, Emma Corrin as Lady Di, and Gillian Anderson for her role as PM Margaret Thatcher.

I got a few predictions right; Soul won Animated Movie, Ted Lasso got some Globe Love, and Nomadland is off to the start of a strong awards season.

My biggest surprise was Andra Day for her work in The United States vs. Billie Holiday. I really thought this race was down to Viola Davis in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom and Frances McDormand in Nomadland. with only ~87 voters I didn’t think a three way split would (could) emerge. This will make things interesting as we head into Oscar season.

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

I’m having vodka, straight up. This show was so blurred, only 80 proof alcohol can help me make sense of it. Cheers!

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