Womb With A View

Kristy Katzmann wants a baby and is auditioning 15 wannabe baby daddies to make it happen. She’s the leading lady on Labor of Love (9PM Thursdays on FOX), and she’s giving birth to one drama filled incident after another.

“It’s not for the feint of heart.” Kristy hung out and told me that dating 15 guys simultaneously ain’t easy.”I mean ‘a lot’ is an understatement, right? Even from what we’ve seen so far we’re doing new things here.” First the guys had to, ahem, prove their fertility. And shockingly enough, that wasn’t the most uncomfortable moment. One guy got raging drunk at the get-to-know-you party. Then one guy forgot her name! She says that didn’t sit well. “I did learn 15 guys’ names all on my own in the first episode, so there’s only one of me. I have a hard time giving a pass on that one.”

And she found out because one of the other guys tattled! And Kristy is totally okay with it. “We already have someone tattling on the other men. But I will tell you I am a little bit grateful to him because it gave me some really valuable information that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.” Drinking. Partying. Tattling. While most dating-style shows are filled with young studs, these guys are more mature. Allegedly. “Yeah, I know! This is one of the things we wondered about. How would a group of men in their 40s act? Are they gonna give us any drama to work with?”

The Cold Shoulder

Last week each guy got some one-on-one time with Kristy, and was surprised when ‘attacked’ by a bear. Okay, an animatronic bear, but they didn’t know that. But the outdoor scene was shot in Georgia in the middle of winter. The area may not get blizards, but it still gets cold if you’re sitting outside for hours on end. “Oh my gosh, it was so cold. We filmed in Atlanta and I feel like it was unseasonably cold. I can tell you I was freezing. I think worse than the bear is that it was like 20 degrees and I was sitting outside all night. That was a more terrifying experience for me. I don’t know about the guys. Survival of the fittest, and I guess I’m included in that.”

Pregnant Pause

I noticed on the show that when they put her name on screen, underneath it says “Mother To Be.” Sooo.. is she already pregnant? She says that’s more of a goal than her status.. at least while she was shooting the show. “I am not pregnant in the show but am I now? And that’s what everyone has to tune in to find out. I can tell you I’ve continued on a path.” Before going into Labor, Kristy was already looking at other options. But she wanted to take another stab at finding Mr. Right, and decided to do it by taking another stab at reality TV (she was on season 11 of the Bachelor and was cut in week five). “My intention of doing the show was to meet the right person. Hopefully fall in love with the person I am raising a child with. There’s a whole journey involved on a lot of different levels. I’ve continued to pursue motherhood. My plan has always been to have a baby, the question is just with whom? How is it happening? And where am I at now?”

And for a second time around, she’s still optimistic. “I can honestly tell you the experience has been great. I think there are surprises along the way, even for myself. But I’m very happy and I feel really confident in how this journey has gone, and I’m just really excited that we’re finally all getting to watch it.”

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

We’re letting Krsity play bartender. “Def a champagne girl. I mean who’s not a champagne girl? Champagne goes with everything.”

On the show she’s always got a glass of champagne in her hand. I noticed the bottle of Dom flowing freely, but she said it’s not all that. “In the opener I think I got the Dom, in maybe the end I got that. Truthfully in between I’m a proseco girl as well so I drink a lot of Lamarca. That’s my go-to proseco. We saved the champagane for the special moments, but it’s always a good time for bubbly.”

So we’re making Mimosas. Heavy on the Mim. Light on the Osa. “That’s how I make my mimosas too, the proseco with just a splash of orange juice.”



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