Here We Go!

Quarantine is. A. Drag. Literally! Now we have a show to drag us out of our boredom.

Take the fabulous transportation of The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, add in the small town element of To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar, the makeover portion of Queer Eye and the fabulousness of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and you have HBO’s hilarious and heartfelt new show We’re Here.

Queens For A Day

The show stars three of Drag Race’s most popular alums, Shangela, Eureka, and Bob the Drag Queen. Each episode they roll into small town America in their very extra rides, find their drag daughters-to-be, and create a level of fabulousness not seen in those parts since barn raisings went out of style.

The girls show up and assess the the town du jour, and strut their stuff down the street while locals look on with expressions that range from shock of who’s moving in to relief from people bored to death and thrilled to see some excitement finally arrived. Once they get the lay of the land they find their charges. In the first episode, set in Gettysburg PA (yes, as in the Civil War battle and subsequent Address), they find a local gay boy who’s best friend has recently moved away, a straight ally who really wants to walk a mile in their shoes stilettos, and a (formerly?) super religious mom who regrets the way she treated her daughter who came out as bi.

Each gets physical and emotional makeovers. It’s amazing how much a three inch vertical boost can change your view of life.

Dragged On Stage

Each episode culminates with a drag extravaganza, with Shangela et al each doing a number with their new drag daughter.  The venues are packed, which goes to show how even in rural America, people aren’t afraid to find the entertainment they love and identify with. That’s not to say there aren’t some uncomfortable interactions, especially in the Branson, MO episode.

But on the whole, We’re Here focuses on building bridges. There’s no preaching (well, maybe a little when it comes to fashion and make-up choices), but there is a lot of listening. Not everyone comes around to the other’s point of view, but they are heard. And if there’s one thing we need more of these days, it’s more listening. And toilet paper. Okay, we need two things.

We’re Here teaches us that you don’t have to put on a frock and tuck your.. well, you know.. to be yourself. Once you’re yourself, you’re already fabulous!

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

Our drink comes to us from Miss Shangela herself, the You’ll Never Be Glamour! Featuring Pimms, champagne, and an edible flower (of course!) it’s perfect for new episodes of We’re Here, which drop at 9pm Thursdays across HBO platforms.

Cheers, Queen!

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