A Cocktail Convo with Deputy’s Brian Van Holt

The most intriguing character from FOX’s new show Deputy (9pm ET Thursdays), Cade played Brian Van Holt, is about to be a lot more vulnerable. And Brian is telling us all about it.

Deputy can be fun to watch, but as I wrote in my review, while it’s not compelling, it is predictable. But Brian says that’s about to change. “In tonight’s episode we kinda shift gears a little bit for Deputy. Instead of it being such a high action packed action driven episode, it gets a little bit more personal, more intimate with out characters, especially with my character, Cade.” We’re about to see something so heinous that it puts Cade in a tough spot. “The primary victim in this episode is so triggering for Cade and it’s so personal, it drives him through this episode to solve this murder.”

Daddy Issues

Cade is dealing with a lot of $h!t. He grew up a foster kid, lost in the system. Now he has a great wife with fertility issues, and a couple of foster kids. Oh, did I mention that they’re foster kids because Cade killed their dad. And the early adolescent foster kids has threatened to off Cade when he’s old enough. Oh, yeah, there are serious greek-ish tragedy daddy issues here.

Tonight’s episode aspires to fill us in on why Cade would sign up for this. “You learn a little more about Cade’s past, who Cade really is, and I think you might be a little surprised. There are some elements and stuff about Cade that you didn’t know, you might be surprised to learn.” But that’s as close to a spoiler as Brian’s going. “That’s what I’ll give you.”

When I chatted with Brian he would talk about Cade and sometimes almost choke up. I don’t think he was faking it for the sake of the interview. I really think he is attached to this character on a cellular level. He seems to confirm this when I asked him his favorite thing about Cade. “His complexity. The duality of Cade. He’s a complex character. A good man trying to do good. Trying to be a good man but struggles with some demons. He’s conflicted over a lot of his past. A very complex character for me to play. And that’s challenging and fun at the same time.”

Let’s Get Personal

“Courageous story lines are coming up.”

So now, midway through it’s 13 episode run, Deputy is pumping the breaks on the super hardcore action to let us in on Cade and the rest of the cast.  And it goes beyond tonight’s show. “In the future episodes you get to discover more about these characters’ personal lives. In the upcoming episodes, with other characters too, they reveal their more personal sides to their lives and their story.”

But I pointed out that they almost have to take a break from the action, because the budges for shot up and wrecked cars from action scenes have got to break the bank. “That’s true! It felt like we were shooting a feature film every week. The budgets are big. I can’t disclose the exact amount ‘cuz I’ll get in trouble and I don’t really know, to be honest with you. But they’re big.”

So Brian promises, with the more introspective episodes, we’ll still get our fix of shoot ’em up insanity. “Yeah, our show is a big action high adrenaline thrill that’s for sure.”

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

Anything but Light Beer. The cast made this point very clear in episode five, and we’d be loathe to contradict someone calling for higher alcohol content.


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