Parasite For Sore Eyes

An Oscar Revolt!

Parasite got much love from Oscar voters. From Oscar producers? Not so much. When the film from the Republic of Korea won Best Picture, the Holy Grail of film making, one of the producers was allowed to give a speech. When she stepped back from the microphone, cameras cut over to Jane Fonda, who presented the final award of the night and therefore, in a hostless show, was expected to say ‘goodnight’.

The audience of Hollywood A-Listers and insiders was. Not. Having it.

They started booing and jeering. Jane looked like a deer in headlights. And, voila, the lights came back up on the award winning group and another producer gave her, very cute and funny, acceptance speech.

It’s only fair. After all, two films got to give acceptance speeches back in 2017!

So good for the audience for standing up for the big winners. I mean, if they can make time for a “recap” of the first one hour and fifty minutes and for some inexplicable reason have Eminem perform his Oscar winning song from way back in the day, they can let the winners of the biggest award of the night have their moment.

No Favorite In A Crowd of Favorites

There was no one film that dominated the cultural zeitgeist this year. No Titanic or Silence of the Lambs or La La Land. Aside from the Lead Actor categories, everything was wide open. It was the perfect situation for a movie like Parasite to breakthrough.

In addition to Best Picture, Parasite won Director, Original Screenplay, and Foreign Film (yes, I know it’s now called International Feature Film). My point is, a foreign language film cleaned up big time. This certainly gives credibility to the burgeoning and unsung film industry outside of North America. Is it an anomaly? Possibly. But there is amazing work being done outside of Hollywood, and if a film that didn’t get a lot of butts in seats in American theaters can breakout, this heralds a new day. It may not be the dam bursting, but it is certainly a major crack in the aforementioned dam’s foundation.

WTF Moments & Random Thoughts

Given his propensity to ramble, I set the over/under on Joaquin Phoenix’s speech at seven minutes. Seriously, I’d hate to be in the car behind him at the McDonald’s drive thru. But his speech was on-point, succinct, and heartfelt.

Judy Garland Rene Zellweger on the other hand.. show her a wrap!

Why was Eminem there?

Steve Martin and Chris Rock: Nice try.

Cynthia Erivo was nominated in a tough year for her categories. She will get an Oscar sooner rather than later. 

I wish I was at the Oscars, because the In & Out food truck will be on hand.

Olivia Coleman should become Queen if Queen Elizabeth II ever dies (which is doubtful).

On the whole, I was bored. Thank god for Trader Joe’s Merlot for $3.50/bottle + tax.

Brad Pitt is still sexy AF.

Laura Dern is amazing. I want to do shots with her at a dive bar in The Valley.

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

Soju is a Korean liquor, that can be up to 106 proof. It’s very popular, and very strong. Pour yourself a double before you watch Parasite!


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