A Drinking Story (and you WON’T shoot your eye out!)

Santa Claus is coming to town, and hopefully he has a big bottle of Zyr Vodka in his sack! But before he arrives, we have a tradition at our home. A dinner of wines, cheeses, sausages, and rich chocolate truffles.

And we dine on these while watching a holiday movie double feature. The second movie changes from year to year but we always open with A Christmas Story, And in true Critic Cocktail spirit, we have turned it into a drinking game!

So pour yourself a beer, wine, or cocktail, and keep the bottles handy ‘cuz you’re gonna need frequent refills!

Under The Gun

Ralphie’s quest to get an “official Red Ryder carbine action, 200-shot, range model air rifle with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time” is constantly getting shot down.

Every time someone says “you’ll shoot your eye out, take a healthy drink.  This sounds simple. But it catches up with you in a dream sequence when it’s said several times in about 15 seconds.

The teacher also writes it as a comment on Ralphie’s theme. You don’t have to drink for this one. But come on, get in the Christmas Story Spirit!

Triple Dog Dare

Take a triple drink on an etiquette-breaking Triple Dog Dare.

How Charming

Whenever Ralph tries to charm his teacher, take a drink from the cup from the person to your right.


When Ralph’s dad is “cursing” take a drink from the cocktail of the person to your left.

When Ralph says ‘Fudge” (but doesn’t really say ‘fudge’) have a bite of cheese and wash it down!

It Must Be Italian!

Have a Social when his dad’s major award arrives!

Racist Stereotypes Sing

As the movie concludes we find our turkeyless family having Christmas dinner in a Chinese restaurant. Whenever the staff attempts to sing the hook of Deck the Halls: CHUG your drink!

Happy Holidays!

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