A Cocktail Convo with Mark-Paul Gosselaar of The Passage

The virals are out for blood. Literally!
The doctors and guards are in a chaotic panic.
And the fate of HUMANITY rests in the hands of a pre-pubescent girl. Suffice to say things are not going well for the inhabitants of The Passage.
The show has its double episode finale tonight (8PM on FOX) and it’s looking like double trouble (and then some.)
Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who plays earnest agent Brad Wolgast, sat down for a Cocktail Convo and told us, yes, things are as bleak as they sound.

Going Viral

“The virals have been let out, and we’re gonna watch them basically sink humanity.
There’s a very surprising twist that happens in episode nine with Amy’s decision. And I think the viewers will have on the edge of your seat sort of viewing.” Yes, Amy will have the fate of humanity in her hands. She’s like 10 years old!
Mark-Paul has a daughter who’s about her age, and I asked him if he would let her decide what they’re having for lunch, much less the fate of the world!   “If she’s (seeing this), of course I would. Since she’s not, no of course not!”

Thirsty For More

What shocked me the most was that we’re at the end of the season.. and demanded to know why there are only ten episodes. MP agrees with me.”I feel I could have gone on for at least five more episodes.” But he says these ten have been packed, and are pushing the limits of the crew. “The show is so ambitious, it was a chore for our writers and our directors. So I think ten, possibly 13 if we get a second season, might be the most that they can produce.”
I’m not thrilled that he’s using the phrase “if we get a second season.”  I admit I was skeptical when this popped up as a January replacement series. But it sank its teeth into me and had me addicted from midway through episode one.
Now we’re at the end of season one, but Mark says sometime after nine tonight, we’ll get a glimpse into what the second season could bring us.
“A glimpse into the future. If we get so lucky to get a second season, we’ve teased what it’s gonna look like.”
Sounds like the future’s so bleak, I gotta wear shades!

Dirty Dozen

For several episodes, Fanning has been focused on getting twelve virals so they can break out. I have no idea why there must be twelve. Is it a symbolic tie to the twelve disciples? That’s my best guess, since I haven’t read the source material by Justin Cronin (at three thick books, it’s a hefty reading assignment). But MP has read them. So I asked if he knew why there must be twelve and if that would be revealed in the epic finale. “That’s a good question. I never have asked Justin Cronin why there has to be twelve. There’s a reason there’s twelve, I’ve never asked him why there has to be twelve. But that’s a good question. I’ll have to hit him up.”
Sooo.. no revelation tonight? “No, you’re not gonna find out (tonight), cuz I don’t even know.”

Book It

As I said, the books are thick, so that’s enough of a deterrent, and I have a time-eating Game of Thrones marathon in front of me. But if you do decide to read ’em, MP says it won’t spoil season two.
“The books are epic. And we’ve really only focused the first season on the first quarter of the first book., on Project Noah, the creating of these virals. Anyone who’s read the books knows we’ve only scratched the surface, and there’s a thousand more years of story to tell. I think it will actually excite you for what we have in store for season two.”

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

I’ve been chugging Bloody Marys throughout the season. But with tomato juice running low (mixers are the first thing cut from the budget), I decided to turn over bartending duties to Mark-Paul.
“I’ll be drinking a Manhattan. While you’re drinking your cocktail, I’ll be having a cocktail as well.” Sounds tasty. And MP won’t be drinking alone.
“The whole cast, we usually get together on Mondays and we watch together and we live tweet. We’re engaged on social media because we enjoy our viewers.”

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