Chris Pratt is Awesome & Getting Awesomer

Chris Pratt is starring in the number one movie in America.. and that may be the least awesome thing in his life!

As Emmet in The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, he’s bringing back the character’s eternal optimism. And if you spend any time around Chris, like I did, you get the feeling that he’s not acting that much.

Chris is currently anchoring the Lego franchise, which is DC adjacent, he’s anchoring a Marvel franchise and part of the Avengers ensemble as well. And don’t forget about his dinosaur franchise!  And that’s just the stuff that’s padding his resumé (and his bank account).

Then there’s his recent engagement. Finding love would be enough, but making it even more awesome, he’s engaged to Katherine Schwarzenegger. She’s not just hollywood royalty, she’s political royalty as well, since her mom is part of the Kennedy dynasty.

So when we were hanging with Chris and his Lego co-star Elizabeth Banks, we asked him if he grasped how awesome his life is.. and how he could possibly make it awesomer.

Chris had wide eyes as he just looked at us and said “Oh man.” It took him a second after we summarized his professional and personal life in twenty seconds.

He believes his twelve-year-old self (and maybe his thirty year old self) wouldn’t have ever believed this was possible. “If I’ve had said it out loud, someone would’ve been like ‘you’re a little crazy.”

“I’m really fortunate and feel really blessed to be where I’m at in my life. I never would have believed it as a kid.”

As for what comes next, besides Avengers: End Game, a third Guardians film and another Jurassic World installment, Chris is just trying to take it all in and bask for a bit.

“I’m just trying to embrace it, enjoy the moment while it lasts. You know, all things are seasonal, and this is a really nice season.”

Elizabeth, however, has a different view. She warned him he’s definitely peaking.

“It’s the tops. You’re at the top now. It’s all down hill from here.”

Chris paused for a moment then grinned and concurred. “You’re right. It feels good.”

Cheers, Chris! See you in Avengers.

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

An Old Fashioned. This may seem like an odd choice for the young, hip A-Lister of A-Listers. But it’s the most popular cocktail in the world several years running. If that’s not Chris Pratt in cocktail form, I don’t know what is!


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