A Cocktail Convo with The Orville Stars

The Orville is sort of a comedy, sort of a social issues drama. Definitely an homage to Star Trek. But most importantly: it’s back! The ship and it’s cool crew cast return tonight (8PM ET on FOX) for season two. After a season filled with flirting, alien encounters, and emotional betrayal due to sex-pheromone emitting aliens, the crew is pressing deeper into space.

Adrianne Palacki (Commander Kelly Grayson) and Scott Grimes (Lt. Gordon Molloy) hung with The Cocktail and gave us insights into what’s going down 400 years in the future on The Orville.

Deep Space Romance

Deep space, deep feelings. That’s the gist of life on The Orville and love is in the recycled air. “It’s months after the last episode of the season and you know people are moving on, Adrianne told us. “So it’s kind of an interesting thing to see how Ed’s dealing with it and Kelly’s dealing with that. And other relationships with people on the ship explored.”

We had to ask: how do you move on when you’re trapped on a ship (and working alongside) your ex? “That’s a great question. You know it’s probably why that will be an ongoing storyline for a very long time.” “Everybody knows everybody’s lives on that ship,” Scott chimed in.

Gordon is feeling a little lonely and looking to get game. Scott told us he’s turning to a questionable source for help. “Gordon asks John, his buddy on the ship, if he can help him with his game, getting a girl. Because everybody on the ship has new relationships and there’s a lot of love in the air in one of these episodes, and I don’t have that kind of suave that maybe John has and definitely that she has.”

Adrianne tried to be reassuring, “You have it in real life that’s all that matters.” “In real life, right. I am one of the suavest human beings in the world.”

Making Contact

But when they’re not mating like outer space gerbils, our fearless crew is attending to its mission to keep order in the galaxy, and that means coming face to face with new lifeforms. “It’s just a bigger, better season,” Adrianne told us. “You know there’s gonna be different planets explored, there’s a first contact which is very exciting especially for this one.”

That got Scott’s attention! “Yes my favorite thing. I love first contact.” We assume he’s talking about the alien creatures, but suspect he’s referring to a different kind of first contact.

Adrianne tipped us off that more aliens means you need more actors to play ’em. “We’re gonna have a lot of cool guest stars this year, some will be full-on prosthetics which will be fun for people to try to figure out who’s who.”

Second Time Around

Coming back after a year off may be tough, but there was a certain familiarity that you don’t have when you report to set for the first episode. And Scott said it all comes down to a different rhythm. “When we shot that pilot, Jon Favreau, great director, he said to us ‘we’re either gonna fail miserably or be really successful. There’s no in-between.” “Exactly.” “And we would try to find our way through television, through what people wanted to see. And this year obviously, I think just as a cast, we found it and as a show just to create whatever smell we want for the audience.”

And in addition to being Captain of the Orville, Seth MacFarlane is also captain of the show.  He created it and it’s his non-animated baby.

“Seth is one of those guys who, because he’s such a perfectionist,” Seth said. “He’s never going to be happy. So I guarantee you every season of anything he does is going to get better and better, because he just wants to one up the stakes and the adventure and himself. I trust, and we saw the scripts this year, as we would read them and go ‘wow I can’t believe the show’s just getting better.’ And how he’s coming up with these ideas is just spectacular.”

Spoiler Alert

So are there any deets they can fill us in on before tonight’s show? Well, when we went looking for spoilers, we quickly found out we ewere looking in the wrong place!

Scott told us “trust me, we are the last people that are gonna get the information on the show. Seth’s too afraid we’re gonna give up all the info.” “That’s why they send us,” Adrianne said.

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

The crew of The Orville is only mostly human, and that means they often imbibe, occasionally too much (if that’s possible!). So we’re working to get a glass of Oppsada. It’s a deep space drink that implants a parasite in the drinker that produces a pleasurable feeling.  Can’t imagine anything that could possibly go wrong!


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