Halloween Cuts Like A Knife

Michael Myers and Laurie Strode have spent forty years planning and preparing for this moment.  The only people who may be more ready are fans of the Halloween franchise! Older, wiser, and more than ready to rumble, Laurie and Michael are down to reignite their grudge match.

Warning: Major Spoilers for Halloween 2018 Ahead!

First off, people die. Gruesome, bloody, campy deaths. Michael’s spent four decades silently waiting for his moment. Laurie, played once again by Jamie Lee Curtis, has spent that time 3 hoping, praying, and preparing for Michael’s escape so she can have the pleasure of taking him out herself.

And it’s this obsession with killing him that leads to her estrangement from her family. The movie uses this to empower the lead, her daughter Karen and granddaughter Allyson. Their relationships are designed to be the crux of the film. But the key relationship remains that of Mikey and Laurie.

Her fixation on him and his single-minded focus of killing everyone and especially her drive the franchise and the film.  All other relationships take a back seat.

Seems Like Old Times

The movie tries to bridge the time by copying honoring the original tone of the film. The omnipresent music, to the font in the opening credits are the most blatant.

But horror-slasher films are what they are and Halloween 2018 makes no attempt to update this. In fact, the film revels in the unchanging, old school ways.  Teens still drink and smoke weed to the point they walk right into danger. Townsfolk naively believe there is no threat. And, of course, they scream bloody murder (literally) once it’s too late.

That’s not a criticism. Given our predilection for cocktailing, if Michael showed up on our doorstep we’d probably offer to make him a drink before he could drive a knife through our throats. And honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

But if you’re looking for Halloween to update or bring something new to the genre, you will be disappointed.

What’s Up, Doc?

A key figure is the doctor who’s dedicated his professional (and personal?) life to figuring Michael.  His obsession becomes obvious fairly quickly. And after a series of gruesome events play out, you know he not only wants to study Mike, but may want to help him.

Michael escapes when his bus gets in an accident during a transfer to a new facility. But once the doc’s evil side is revealed it leaves us with more questions. Did the doctor arrange the transfer so he could sabotage the bus and set Michael free?  We’re saying yes.

And by the way: There’s as much chance of Michael being dead as there is of us being sober!

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

Overall this is a good movie. It gives fans of the franchise a good fix that will have them watching parts of the movie with their hands over their face while peeking between their fingers!

That said, we suggest drinking three fingers of scotch.  Just make sure you drink it before Michael cuts off your fingers!


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