A Cocktail Convo with Jane Leeves of The Resident

There’s a new doc on call on The Resident. She’s sexy, saucy, and British and that’s just the Trouble-Trifecta that the doctor ordered!

Jane Leeves is joining the show as Dr. Kit Voss, an orthopedic surgeon. We’ve seen some clips and she seems poised to simultaneously up the drama and the snark (8pm on FOX). She took a few minutes to chill with The Cocktail about the new gig and gave us behind-the-scenes dirt on how she was welcomed to the show.

Neuro Girl

“It’s been fantastic. It’s always daunting coming into something that’s up and running. But everybody made me feel so welcome.” The show already sports a sizable ensemble cast. So coming in isn’t easy. Standing out is even harder and serious business. Well, serious may be an overstatement.

“I remember being in the make-up trailer on the first day and Bruce Greenwood (Dr. Randolph Bell) walks in, and I’m a huge fan of his by the way, and he (says) ‘lovely I’m so glad you’re joining us.’ And I’m like ‘Bruce, I’m so intimidated, you brilliant, serious actors.’ And he said ‘you’re not going to take this seriously, are you?’ And that was it he made me feel welcome immediately. There’s so much laughter, everybody is just lovely.”

Bad To the Bone

Dr. Voss is a neurosurgeon, basically a doctor that works on bad bones. For as soapy and drama filled as The Resident is, it still strives for some realism, especially in the medical side. And for Jane, that meant boning up on bones. “I did watch quite a few surgeries online. I started like this,” she told us, holding her hands in front of her face while peeking around.  “Now I’m able to watch them because I’m getting into the technical stuff of it.”

Jane told us she quickly got comfortable with the gore. “It’s actually fun to film those scenes because I’ve got blood flying at me. I find it in my ears days later. But it’s actually really fun to film those scenes now.” We’ve seen some of those clips, and during a flirty scene with Dr. Bell, he picks a piece of bone from here hair. Yeah, they’re going there!

Taking Up Residents

Job one for Dr. Voss is getting a competent intern. Tonight we’re going to see her quickly tire of her squeamish intern.  Honestly, if you’re gonna be a surgical intern you shouldn’t be find blood to be stomach turning!

“I’m playing an orthopedic surgeon which is quite gorey and bloody. It is drills into bones.” And that’s where the drama comes in. “In the first episode you see me. I have a resident that’s queasy. So I say to Bell you better give me someone great, and he assigns me Mena. Kit and Austin kind of lock horns a bit about that.”

“There’s going to be a little bit of tension between her and Malcom’s character, Dr. Austin. We are vying for Mena to be our resident because she’s so fabulous and brilliant.”

They’re Calling Again

Of course, we first met Jane when she was working for another doctor, doctor Frasier Crane.  Given the reboot mania gripping TV, a lot of people are clamoring for Frasier’s return. “There are always sort of rumors about this but I’ve heard nothing solid.”

Kelsey Grammar’s indicated that he’s open to the idea. So we asked Jane if she’d be on board. But there’s a time and place for everything, and she worries the magic may have left. “It was such a fantastic time and I love everybody involved. Part of me says could we do it without my beautiful John Mahoney, who left us this year?”

But, she never says never. “I’d be open to the conversation, certainly.”

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

A Bone Machine.  This bourbon and bitters based cocktail will be just the anesthetic you need before going under the knife with Dr. Voss and her medical cohorts.


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