The Juicy Scoop on Heather McDonald

Heather McDonald loves her Housewives, her wine, and probably her family. And she’s boldly delving into all of them and more on her Juicy Scoop tour.

We caught the second set of her stop in Delray Beach, FL, because as you all know, the later in the night the funnier things are! The bar was open before and during the show, and you could hear people accidentally kick over their empty beer bottles and cringe as they rolled down theater’s inclined floor.

But none of that mattered, cuz we were all there to hear the World According to Heather. No mom keeps it realer.

It’s All Relative

The main part of her set focuses on her family: husband Peter, two sons, and his daughter from a previous marriage. Her husband is cheap and it seems the kids have inherited that gene.

And her frustrations are relatable. One of her kids is a penny-pinching financial narc. She’s shamed for ordering avocado on her Subway footlong.  As she points out, she’s the one on the road doing shows. Let her have a scoop of avocado or a scoop of pulled pork!

She also touches on interactions with other moms. And the moms in the audience will relate. Heather loves her kids, most of the time, but isn’t afraid to let them know things were easier and more romantic before they came along. That is a true Mother of the Year.

Keeping It Real

Of course, Heather may be best known for her love of the Real Housewives of Every City and her wicked impressions.

She goes through several during a 5-10 minute portion of the set, and even takes requests. When someone in the audience shouted out a name, she actually did it! And the thing is, you just know she’s praying that Real Housewives Guru Andy Cohen will see her set and ask her to join the Beverly Hills cast.

We can see it now, she’s sharing a bottle with Lisa Rinna when things go downhill quick. She goes to throw a glass of wine on her but thinks the better of it. Not wanting to waste wine, she chugs the wine, smashes the glass, and cuts Miss Rinna. Oh, the drama!

Chelsea? Not Lately

And speaking of drama: the one topic she doesn’t touch on: her former boss and former BFF, Chelsea Handler.  Heather was a writer on Chelsea Lately for several years and was a frequent panelist on the roundtable. Even back then she was celebrity obsessed and worked her family into the discussion at every opportunity.

But Chelsea walked away from the show and, apparently, away from Heather.  Friends who have interviewed her say she won’t talk about it, and there’s not even a wink-wink, nod-nod joke to that part of her life in her set.

One day you’re flying on private jets with a stoned superstar, the next you’re going to PTA meetings with a car full of kids and figuring out how to make your wine look like water in your Aquafina bottle.

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

A nice, big glass of Chardonnay. And by big glass we mean the bottle. Go see the show, but leave the kids at home. They don’t need to know how you really feel about them.


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