A Cool Cocktail Convo with Vicki Lawrence

Growing old gracefully is totally overrated, and The Cool Kids are having none of it. The new show debuting tonight (8:30 ET FOX) brings together a team of Hollywood’s more veteran actors.  But veteran status doesn’t mean they don’t still have it. In fact, they may be getting a show that lets them hone the comedic skills that made them famous in their prime.

Vicki Lawrence acts as the sexagenarian muse to Martin Mull, David Alan Grier, and Leslie Jordan.  The quartet is in the same retirement home, brought there through various circumstances.

Vicki took some time to hang with The Cocktail and talk about their exploits that would make college kids cringe.

Pay To Play

“We’re getting paid for playing dress up really,” Vicki told us. She’s been starring in comedies for decades, most notably as a player on The Carol Burnett Show and as Mama on Mama’s Family.

She told us about what she did once she found out this show got the green light. “You know I emailed Carol when the show got picked up. And I said ‘guess what, I’m a cool kid.’ And she e-mailed me back and said sweetie you have always been a cool kid.”

Getting to talk with one of our lifelong idols, we admit to a rare bout of being starstruck. But our personal bias aside, it is safe to say she is still (and always will be) a cool kid.

All-Star Lineup

You’d think with as much experience as these four legends have, they’d have crossed paths before. You’d be wrong. “I had not. I was a fan of everybody but none of us had ever worked together so it’s really been fun. We were all fans of each other so it’s pretty fun to get together.”

But they’re making up for lost time. “It feels like we’ve been together. It feels like season five. We just kind of bounce off each other like ping-pong balls. It’s like we’ve known each other forever.”

And for a person who’s been an ensemble player for most of her career, Vicki knows what it takes to get a show like this off the ground. “You know it can be hard. But this is such a great group. From back to front. From the office to the stage. Everybody involved. Such a great, fun group so. We’re having a lot of fun.”

Aged Antics

It may not seem like there’s a lot you can get a group of older characters to do that would keep viewers engaged, but Vicki disagrees. “We’ve pulled a little heist. That didn’t go too well.”

Anything else?

“We’ve rigged an election.”

How’d that go?

“That didn’t go too well.”

That it?

“We tried some online dating and some catfishing which, didn’t go too well.”

Any partying?

“I turned sixty five and the guys took me to a nightclub which, didn’t go too well.”

Be My Guest

Vicki would like to add the All-Starrest of All-Stars to be a guest on the show, “Oh my God it would be a dream come true to get her on this show so we’ll see what happens.” But acknowledges it won’t be easy.  She like an assist from the audience. “I think we have to get up and running and everybody has to love us. And then maybe I can say please please please and Carol will come and play with us.”

“She calls it playing in the sandbox. And I just feel like more than ever I get to go to work everyday and play in the sandbox.”

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

Jack Daniels & Metamucil. It’s an odd combination, but so is the cast on this show. Plus it’s just what Grandma used to mix.


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