A Cocktail Convo With Tony Danza & Josh Groban

Tony Danza and Josh Groban are putting a new twist on the “buddy cop” formula.  Usually two law enforcement officers with disparate personalities are forced to work together even though they would never hang in real life.  In Netflix’s new show, The Good Cop,” (streaming now) there’s another reason these two lawmen would hang out: they’re father and son.

Josh and Tony Netflix and chilled with the Cocktail to get a feel for life on the show.

TV Magic

“That magic thing that happens when you get a couple of guys together or an ensemble and it works.” That’s Tony’s take on why this show works.  They also credit the creator and writer, the well pedigreed Andy Breckman.  “Some of it you can plan,” Josh concurred, “and like you said, Andy’s writing. He’s just so clever. His work on Monk, his work on SNL (Saturday Night Live), and Letterman. He just has a knack for funny, quick dialogue and great character development.”

But despite even the best words on paper, it all comes down to something you studied in high school: chemistry. And Josh says you either have it or you don’t. “There are the things you can’t plan. Which is all of us in a room, with Andy’s words, and how do we click? What’s our chemistry? And that’s the kinda stuff you kinda wing and a prayer when you get your first day on set, or you go out and have your first dinner together and we just clicked instantly. We knew that these next five months were gonna be just the time of our lives. I don’t know how you explain it. It just happens and you’re thrilled.”

Oh Mother!

All of the episodes are pretty stand alone. You can pick and choose from the descriptions and find a plot that interests you.  But you could be missing out on a very subtle but much bigger picture.

We’ve only seen the first few episodes, but Tony and Josh told us there’s more to these stories. “One of the things that Andy’s weaved through the whole script is the subject of the death of his mother and my wife, and our constant trying to get a beat on this guy.” “A  hit and run.” “It was a hit and run and the guy didn’t slow down.”

On his character’s debt to society, Tony told us “I was in prison. I couldn’t even go to the funeral and so that, towards the end, we get a beat on this guy. That’s about as much as I wanna say.”

“It’s an emotional thread that carries through,” Josh added.

Relationship Drama

So while The Good Cop appears to be a comedy with an odd couple at its core, it’s really a relationship drama between a father and a son.  While Tony’s done time for being a corrupt cop, his son tries to redeem his family by being the most above-board, do it by the book officer ever to wear a badge.

And through it all, Josh says it’s about redemption and revenge. “There is that line that goes all the way through about my mom, and that’s one of the things that bonds us together throughout the show. For all the differences and the way we do our work. That’s kind of one of the emotional things that keeps us connected at the heart of the show that’s always looming there. So there’s some stuff that happens towards the end for sure.

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

The Pink Police. It’s an interesting mix of beer, vodka, and pink lemonade. Three things we love but have never had in this combination.  It’s arresting! Don’t drink and drive, or you’ll quickly find yourself in a real life police drama!


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