A Cocktail Convo with Rupert Grint

With Brad Pitt, Benicio Del Toro and Jason Statham, Snatch was a really good heist movie back in the day. These days Snatch is a quirky TV show streaming on Sony Crackle starring a former wizard who’s about as far away from Hogwarts as you can imagine. Rupert Grint is back and looking tan (well, as tan as a redhead can be) for the second season of the show that just dropped.

Rupert and co-star Luke Pasqualino stopped by for a Cocktail Convo about sunny location shoots and on-set chemistry. And Rupert’s complexion.

Streaming is big and the format of the future. But for now, unless you’re a part of NetPrimeTube, it’s hard to get attention.

Leaving London

Season one was based loosely on the 2000 film. So for a second act they decided to ditch dreary old London and set sail for sunny Spain.  Both love their homeland, but Luke didn’t mind the change of scenery, telling us “Living in England to work somewhere where you do get a nicer climate. Before you even wake up you know it’s gonna be a good day.”

Plus heading off to Spain opens new possibilities for new characters.”It introduces us to a whole host of new, shady individuals,” Rupert told us.  While Luke gave another reason for it being a natural fit. “It is the sort of place where bank robbers go. You can feel it in the air that crime is quite rich there.”

Yeah, I’m sure the Spanish Chamber of Commerce is gonna put that at the top of their websites and brochures.

Stole His Heart

People who saw season one know that Charlie was deeply in love and set sail with his love/partner in crime. But she’s there when they dock at the start of season two! “We assume she just kind of left him kinda half way to Spain,” Rupert told the Cocktail. “Took her share of the money and left Charlie broken-hearted.”

Ahhh, there is no honor among thieves, especially those who steal hearts. “It’s how we find Charlie in this season. He is kinda bruised from that.”

But if you stay with the show to the end of the season, there will likely be some romance. And we believe Billy will be hooking up with a girl described as a “goddess.”

Grint and Bear It

A few scenes were given to critics before the show hit Crackle, and we noticed Rupert looked a little different.  Like maybe our fave ginger had dared spend more than five minutes in the sun.

“Well spotted, I had a fake tan.”  Ahh. We weren’t sure, and rewatched the clips a few times, adjusting our monitor.  There’s no way Grint could be anything other than a pasty pale shade of white, right?

“Because I’m ginger and my skin is pretty much transparent. They had to bronze me up.” Remember, Rupert, SPF 95 is your friend!

But it wasn’t just his skin taking on a fresh, sun-kissed tone. “I had my eyelashes done, my eyebrows done up. It was a full work it took a long time.”

Friendship Never Ends

“It’s exciting to be in a new place,” Luke told us, “and it sort of keeps everything fresh and it’s such a beautiful part of the world as well.”

Clearly a warm, sunny set can keep spirits up. But as we sat with the on-screen partners in crime, we got the feeling they may be inclined to go down to pub and share a pint after the director yells ‘cut!’

“Yeah I think it’s something that’s quite important. Gotta have that quite believable dynamic. We spent a lot of time outside of filming.”  “It’s such a great bunch of people,” Rupert added.

And speaking of sharing a pint..

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

A pint of cask ale. It’s a British specialty and not served many places around the world, though you can still find a decent barrel if you’re in an active part of the Commonwealth.



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