Nick Cannon is Pro-Choice

If you’re hurting for an awards show and the Golden Globes are too far away, then tonight’s Teen Choice Awards are for you!  Nick Cannon is hosting and has A LOT  to say about what’s going down.

Surf’s Up

The iconic Surfboard Trophy is up for grabs.  Nick has a couple in his mancave, but isn’t optimistic about adding another to his collection this year, telling The Cocktail, “I wasn’t nominated this year. I guess the teens only wanna see me host. Maybe next year they’ll nominate me again. But I been nominated a few times. So I know what it’s like to tug one of those big old surfboards on the top of your SUV on the way home.”

Honestly, he deserves another Surfboard for being able to keep the show on the rails.

The TCAs often get overlooked, but Nick thinks it’s quote “It’s the awards show of the summer, so, you know we got the surfboards ready for everybody, so we gonna be swag surfin’ all the way to the celebration.”

And The Oscar Goes To..

A lot has been said this week about changes to the Oscars, adding a popular movie category.  Much can be said that the Teen Choice (among others) takes care of, and honors those movies.

But Nick feels like it’s Oscar that’s catching up with everyone else, telling us “The voice of the people’s been heard and it really is about keeping your finger on the pulse of this generation. They demand what they want and things are constantly forever evolving. We just gotta be interdependent on every facet, every age and demographic, so I think that’s a wise choice. It’s seeing the influence is pretty dope.”

So, does he have a popular fave this year? You better believe it. “Oh man does Black Panther count as this year still? That’s still this year, right? I’ve been so excited about that entire movement and being able to see a lot of stuff that’s going on in music. That’s been really exciting.”

Hip-Hop Hooray

We also wanted to talk about hip-hop in pop culture. We didn’t have to ask twice. “Drake’s been killing it obviously, Cardi B had a great year. I’m excited about how the culture’s moving forward.”

And hip-hop’s even gone SUPER mainstream. “Yeah when hip-hop’s winning Pulitzers you know we doin’ what we supposed to do.”

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation 

Whisky Sour. It’s bold, smooth, and what teens are drinking because they have no idea what else to mix!


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