A Cocktail Convo with Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen doesn’t like cruising, had to run from a hurricane, and wasn’t even a lock to land a role in a movie that his wife was directing.  So how did he end up on a mega ship in the middle of the Caribbean in September shooting a film?  In a Cocktail Conversation, he summed up the experience in three words: “It was weird.”

Seth has a supporting role in the new Netflix film Like Father (read our review here and our Cocktail Convo with Kristen Bell and Kelsey Grammer here), playing a recent divorcé on a cruise. He ends up being a rebound hookup for a left-at-the-altar bride, Rachel (Kristen Bell). When Kristen and other co-star, Kelsey Grammer, found out they were putting the “set” in setting sail, they were excited.  Much better than your average Hollywood sound stage.

But Seth? Not so much.

Sail Away

“I went on a cruise once when I was 12 and I hated it.” So with that experience being all he had to go on, it was with trepidation that he pulled out his cabana wear and signed on.  Clearly sailing at age twelve, 25 years ago, is a very different experience than the amenity’d out mega ships of today as an adult. And he was impressed, to a degree. “That cruise ship is just insane. It’s gigantic. It’s like a space station. That’s what I kept thinking. If we one day build space stations, they’ll feel like that cruise ship. Just the sheer scope of it was so fascinating.“

Still, Seth’s not sold. “And then I went on this cruise. Cruises.. it’s not what I would personally choose to do for a vacation. For a work experience it was great.”  If he’s not happy on the Harmony of the Seas, then it’s clear cruising is not for him. We saw this movie and promptly booked a holiday cruise on the Harmony.  We’ll be sure to post a piña colada-fueled review of the on-ship production of Grease!


Of course, finding yourself in the path of a category five hurricane won’t do much to enhance the cruise experience. Hurricane Irma tore through the Caribbean, up the Florida Keys, and across the entire Florida peninsula. Clearly the Location Booker isn’t from Florida. So it was time to abandon ship and go to the (relative) safety of Orlando with the rest of the cast and crew. “I was at Disney World with them, and I felt weirdly comforted by that fact.”

Turns out, Seth thinks Kristen is his Guardian Angel, or at least his Guardian Disney Princess. “And I’m just like ‘they can’t let Kristen Bell die.’ She’s in their Frozen movies. This must be a safe place for us all to be. I felt weirdly comfortable putting my life in the hands of the Walt Disney Corporation.”

We agree. Let It Snow has a much more melodic feel to it than “Let it hurricane.”

Casting Couch the Issues

Like Father is directed by his wife, Lauren Miller Rogen , so you would expect this would be something where she tosses him a script, says ‘learn your lines’, and, voilá, casting complete.

Not quite.

“Just like I would not expect my wife to like every project I make, there are things she would make that I wouldn’t be enthusiastic.” But Seth gave it a look, and gave it his seal of approval.

“When I read this script though, the thing that I loved more than anything was this is a movie I would see and I would like. And it really reminded me of the types of movies, honestly, I try to make. The 50/50s and The Disaster Artist that we made. Those movies are the ones we make. I love these movies that are not straight comedies, that take themselves a little more seriously, emotionally, and have resonance and aren’t afraid to not try to just be funny but I’ll try to build a true connection with the characters. So when I read the script I was like this is exactly the type of movie I would love, and like, and like to watch.”

Okay, your A-List hubby is on board, good to go. Right?

Turns out Ms. Rogen wanted to explore her options. “And then she went and auditioned many other people for the role, and eventually asked me to do it,” Seth said while laughing.

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

We’ve already recommended Banana daiquiri and a Hurricane for this film. As we have last call for our Like Father coverage, we are going to the Champagne Bar on the Harmony of the Seas. Grab a glass of bubbly for a nightcap, then go out on deck and watch the waves go by before the ship pulls back into port by the time you wake up.


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