Cocktail Convo: Jamie & Corinne Foxx

Jamie Foxx cracks jokes, his daughter spins tunes, and contestants try to match up the lyrics. The only thing more intense than the beats is the contestants’ drive to keep their million dollar dreams alive.

Every day is Bring Your Daughter to Work Day for season two of Beat Shazam.  Jamie Foxx is back to host the show, and this year his baby girl Corinne is spinnin’ the songs. Daddy and Daughter hung out for a Cocktail Conversation and told us about what’s going down for the new season.

All In the Family

The reason she didn’t start with the show’s debut last year? Corinne was still in college. Jamie sounded like a proud papa when he told us how this season shaped up, saying “How is it?” “It’s fantastic at this point to see my daughter graduate from USC, and then step into this role, where it’s not easy to be the co-host of this show. She went in and got this on her own steam. But to see her handle it and make her own it’s great man.”

That’s a dubious claim.  She just submitted a resumé online and got called in? Dad didn’t move the application to the top of the pile?  No one thought, ‘hey, here’s a resumé from a Corinne Foxx.. doesn’t Jamie have a kid with that name?’  Sure, we’re buying it.  But hey, girl’s got a job right outta college, so good for her. And it seems the gig is working out. “She encourages the contestants. The crowd’s going crazy for her it’s just amazing.”

You Go Girl!

While most grads want to avoid the family business like plague, Corinne isn’t an ordinary grad and the family biz isn’t any ordinary gig. “I mean it was such a great experience to work with my dad and obviously he’s done this a bunch of times and this is his show and so for him to let me be on it and to be working with him is really awesome.”

And when it comes to engaging the contestants, and the audience, Jamie says Corinne’s got it going on. “How we upping the game? Listen we just keep hitting them with the greatest songs. Our contestant up the game themselves.”

Not Some Sing-A-Long

Sure you (think you) know the words. You’re shouting at the TV.. HOW CAN THEY NOT KNOW HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME!!!!!! But once you get under the lights, Jamie Foxx standing there, and the music coming without a break.. well it’s not as easy as it looks. And then there’s the money! “They’re playing for extreme amounts of money, ” Jamie told us, “250 (thousand), 400 (thousand), half a mil maybe even a million, you gotta tune in to check it out.”

Jamie also told us these contestants have heart. Sure riches would be nice, but some of them know exactly how they’re gonna spend their (potential) winnings. “That’s what’s great about it. The contestants all bring their great stories. They’re not playing for themselves. They’re playing for other people. Playing for medical bills for other folks. Playing for student loans, things like that so that’s what’s exciting about it.”

Be Our Guest

But it’s not all digital recordings.. This season Beat Shazam is upping the game with some cool guest performers. Jamie and Corinne were downright giddy and could hardly wait to tell us who was dropping by to drop beats. “Then we got guests dropping by. Tell ’em about the guests.” “We got TLC, Shaq, Demi Lovato, Michael Bolton.”

Jamie was especially excited about one group, “Bel Biv DeVoe. Now you know. Yo Slick blow. It’s driving me out of my mind.”  It’s a good get, and when they stopped by to tape their segment, Jamie says the studio was full.  “We went crazy when they came on. Like our whole family was there.” “The whole stage was full and we were dancing for like thirty minutes.” Probably a good thing the show was taped and not live.


The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

Hennessy. Because like the wise words Jamie sings in Blame It, when you don’t know the lyrics Corinne is spinning, you can blame it on the Henny (you can also blame it on the Goose that’s got you feeling loose)!



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