A Cocktail Conversation with Cable

Josh Brolin is a Modern Marvel Baddie.  After turning half the universe’s population to ash last month in Infinity War, he’s back as Cable to kill a kid in Deadpool 2. At this point he’s ready to challenge Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark/Ironman) as the face of Marvel.  Well maybe not quite, but he’s close.

We sat down with Josh after the red carpet premiere in New York City, and talked about Cable in particular and the evolution of villains in general.

The Cable Guy

In Deadpool 2, Cable travels through time to track down a kid and kill him. The kid is Russell/Fire Fists (Julian Dennison), a wayward mutant with severe emotional issues who needs to be snuffed out as a kid before his homicidal tendencies go off the rails as an adult.  To be quite honest, by the middle of act two we were rooting for Cable, and Josh is grateful for the support. “I like that. I like that you are rooting for Cable.”

Good To Be Bad

And that brings us to the new question Marvel is making us ask. Not who is the villain, but why are they villainous? “The whole thing, we don’t want to give up any spoilers but Cable is presented as a villain, and then maybe there is something behind it.”

Cable, as fans of the comic books will know, is a good guy here to do a bad thing. And Josh brings that to life. “How did I react to the character? I loved it man. I got into the comics. It’s kinda nice once you start to learn more about him.”

Started From the Bottom Now We’re Here

Josh has seen the evolution of superhero movies. Let’s face it, besides Michael Keaton’s Batman and Heath Ledger’s joker, there was a dearth of quality in these films.  Suicide Squad? Nope. Daredevil? Not a chance. Green Lantern? Well, stay for the credits of Deadpool 2 for that answer.

But the reason Josh has become so involved in the genre, is the evolution Marvel has brought to the genre.

“Tentpole movies were always perceived as kind of awful, b-movie,” Josh told The Cocktail. “You know lack of story, lack of character. Lack of decent actors and all this kinda stuff. And I think Marvel really changed that.”

“It started with Robert Downey. Regardless of whether you loved those movies or not, the acting kinda changed. And then they started focusing more on great stories and all of that.”

And now he’s a co-lead across two franchises.  While that sounds glamorous, Josh didn’t take it for the title.  He’s taking these roles for what’s on paper. “Did you respect the form to be able to garner the best people you could in order to create best storyline you could? When I saw Avengers: Infinity War, I had never read a script and I was like ‘what, this is really good. This is very good’”

Wonderful & Convoluted

So being firmly entrenched in the Avengers franchise, Josh needed something special to expand his villainous cred. Enter Deadpool. “It’s wonderful and it’s very convoluted.”

He felt a spiritual comedic connection with Ryan Reynolds (you know, Deadpool), and felt this was the place to have a breakout role saying “It just seemed like something based on what I had seen Ryan do with the first movie, something so unique and irreverent and kinda inappropriate. This is a very different tone, obviously, what Ryan has created. He’s also a very very smart guy with very specified, specified humor. A very specified inappropriateness.”

“Anything that’s an anomaly I wanna be involved in, whether it’s a small independent film or a big tentpole film.”

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

The Thanos Cocktail. Yes,we’re switching roles (and studios, sorry FOX), but this tequila & cointreau base cocktail is the anti-drink for the anti-villain. Plus, you know, COINTREAU!



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