Comedy Killers at FOX

Not a lot of laughter going on over at FOX these days.  It’s the time of year when traditional networks (read: old) start making hard decisions about their fall lineups. And the Fourth Net killed off comedies like Thanos killed off Avengers: half were gone with the snap of their fingers!

A trio of comedies found out their summer hiatus has been permanently extended.  We think the speed and quantity of news being delivered is what makes it seem so shocking, because honestly, they each had loyal, but small audiences.  The older a show gets, the more it costs to make. So if you don’t have growth, at some point it gets too expensive to keep making people laugh.

And there’s not as much room on the schedule next year, since Thursday nights in the fall will be filled with NFL games.

These shows did well enough that they are being allowed to finish out the season, but the cancellations come so late that if there are any cliffhangers.. fans are out of luck!

So here’s a look at who’s out, who’s in, and who’s still on the bubble.

the mick

The Mick gets Nixed

The Mick is gone after two seasons. The Kaitlyn Olson led show about a poor irresponsible aunt who steps up to take care of her niece and nephews when her rich irresponsible sister flees the country to avoid arrest.

The show barely got renewed last season.  The storylines felt contrived and the writers never seemed to worry about fixing that. The acting was good (Olson is great in just about anything she does) but there’s only so much they can do with the scripts they’re given.

last man

The Last Man On Earth

The Last Man On Earth is dead. Yet somehow the (TV) world doesn’t seem that empty.  Like others on this list, it did get a cult following.  The unfortunate thing about cults is that they are usually loud but small.

Also, the plots seem to be running out of steam. Will Forte and Kristen Schaal are funny but the show seemed to stall, and wasn’t attracting a lot of new viewers.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has Nine Lives!

The show got the boot by FOX, setting up next Sunday’s wedding between Jake and Amy (Finally!) as the (unintended) series finale.

But someone called 9-1-1 and NBC answered the call!  The Peacock has ordered 13 episodes for next year.

Network Hopping

But that’s not the only show switching outlets.  FOX showed it has a sense of humor and picked up a once-cancelled comedy: Last Man Standing.  The Tim Allen show was axed by ABC last year. Now after a nice long hiatus, Tim and crew are getting back to work.

On The Bubble

LA to Vegas, the freshman comedy about an ultra low rent airline that packs a lot of drama into a short flight hasn’t taken off, but hasn’t crashed and burned.  FOX will make a decision on cancelling the flight show in the coming days.

Lethal Weapon is all kinds of crazy.  The TV version of the franchise is one of FOX’s few winners on the schedule.  But this week it fired co-star Clayne Crawford for temperament issues and an accident on the set.  Producers want to recast the role, and it appears FOX won’t make a decision until a potential plan is in place.

Lots of Drama

Meanwhile, the music will continue to play on.  Both Empire and Star will be back on the schedule.

And the Angela Basset led drama 9-1-1 is also returning.

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation


Pop a bottle of Veuve Cliquot.  Raise a glass to your favorite fallen show.  Or toast Jake & Amy’s nuptials and renewal.  Or pour a glass for you mom for Mother’s Day.

Love you Mom!


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