Taylor Swift > NASCAR (DUH!)


Taylor Swift is a powerful pop queen, and turns out she even rules over NASCAR

Three big events are colliding for a once-in-a-century Entertainment Super Nova. And one is clearly more powerful than the others. NASCAR is holding the Brickyard 400 in Indianapolis the same day as the Colts open their regular season.  The race was hoping the Colts would be sent out of town to open their season on the road, so fans wouldn’t have to choose between going to the race or going to the game.

(Of course, there is an obvious flaw in their logic. Even if the team were on the road, there’s this little thing called television that would allow fans to see the game without having to make a pilgrimage to another NFL city)

So racing asked the Colts to request to be on the road for week one of the NFL season. And as the Indianapolis Star found out  the Colts weren’t having it.  And this is where Taylor Swift comes in.

Look What You Made Me Do

Lucas Oil Stadium (the Colts’ home) is booked the next weekend for Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour. And she ain’t changing her travel plans.

Soooo, if the Colts had kowtowed to the race’s wishes, the team would have been on the road the first two weeks of the season, which if you’re a sports franchise, is a tough way to start the year. Plus the team may be see their star player, quarterback Andrew Luck, return after years of injury and surgery. So having a home crowd to welcome him back is optimal.

Plus can you imagine the throngs of angry Swifties if she changed the date to a Blank Space on her tour calendar?  There would be Bad Blood for years to come.

We don’t know why NASCAR, in their Wildest Dreams, thought the Colts would acquiesce, and will have to Shake It Off. But when it comes to the Colts, they are Never Getting Back Together.

So to recap NASCAR < Colts < Taylor Swift

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

A Busch Light beer (in a can, obviously).  We have to let NASCAR get at least some small victory from this whole thing.


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