Block Party

Blockers should come with a Parental Advisory, as in: Be Advised, this movie is about the parents. The movie is billed as a twist on the teenage sex comedy, empowering the girls and making them hell-bent on losing their virginity on prom night. But the daughters are secondary characters. Don’t feel too bad for them, the boys they take to prom are distant, third tier players.

So make no mistake, this movie is about the varied, heavily clichéd reactions of three parents of three daughters. Leslie Mann is the single mom of a daughter, and isn’t ready to let go. John Cena is the emotionally available dad who will always see his daughter as his baby daughter. Ike Barinholtz is the dad who, as a lovable alcoholic, wasn’t around as much as he should have been but wants to give his daughter an awesome prom.

Check All The Boxes

Blockers has everything this type of movie should have:

Lifelong friends looking to go out with a bang? Check!

Well-meaning yet clueless parents? Check!

Epic party scenes? Check!

Cops? Check!

Parents and kids have touching moment where they learn important lessons? Check!

Blockers is what it sets out to be, but doesn’t give us much more.  As the teen sex comedy goes it’s okay, but doesn’t come close to the genre greats like American Pie.

Parent Patrol

After a pre-prom party for pictures and cake, the parents decipher and emoji-driven conversation and realize a sex pact is about to go down. Each parent has their own motive for blocking it so they band together for a night long chase that ends at a hotel bar having a well deserved drink.

Along the way they run from the cops, break and enter, commit felony theft, possibly sexual assault one of the boy’s parents, get duped into butt-chugging a beer, and wreck a car. It makes you wonder how, with these ‘rents as role models, the girls’ first big rebellion is only a sex pact!

Some of the physical gags work, especially the scene where Cena is willing to butt chug a beer, demonstrating how far a father’s love will carry the day. But many others fail (the vomit limo scene).  John Cena is in his sweet spot as an actor.  Leslie Mann seems to be the usual loving character she often plays. Same goes for Ike.  None of the trio really seems to push themselves as actors or show us something new.

Strange Estrangements

We also see how the parents have grown apart over the years, but when the reasons are laid out, we’re not buying it.  The point was to make us wonder what went wrong over the 12 years the girls were friends.  There was an affair, but not between the characters we were led to believe. This red-herring, like so much of the movie, felt like it could have been something but took the easy way out.

This movie is what it is.  You can definitely wait to see it on demand and save a butt-chugging load of cash. And like the parents at the end of Blockers, we need a drink.

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

A 40oz beer. Consumed through a funnel and a hose. The pint point of entry is up to you!


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