Hilarity Ensues For Seth & Friends

Hilarity For Charity is hilarious.  Well, maybe not quite hilarious, but like the Netflix special, we’re feeling charitable.  Seth Rogen’s special offers a parade of vaping dicks one moment and Kermit the Frog & Fozzie Bear the next, so calling this eclectic doesn’t even begin to do the show justice.

Everything in this show is really good but nothing is totally awesome.  And while you feel it could have been, you soon realize that’s the price you pay when you unabashedly try to make a show with something for everyone.

Comics On Parade

There are soooo many A-List comics you get an ab workout from laughing for nearly 70 minutes. Nick Kroll, Kumail Nanjiani, Jeff Goldblum, Sacha Baron Cohen, and the Muppets appear in skits, while A-Listers like Michael Ché, Sarah Silverman, Michelle Wolf, and John Mulaney deliver five-minute sets. All the skits are funny but none are gonna really stick in your memory. The Penis Parade may but only because it was first and sets the tone for the show.

The standup sets were good.  But the problem with giving established stars only five minutes is they never really get to connect with the audience. By the time they finish one bit, they plug the charity and exit stage left.  This isn’t their fault, it’s just the way the show is formatted.

Algorithm & Blues

The running gag of the show takes direct aim at Netflix’s infamous algorithm, which helps curate content based on individual users.  The wide and varied types of talent are meant to qualify the show in as many categories as possible.  That explains the muppets to get the children’s category. They bring in a Netflix chef so it’ll pop in foodies’ feeds. There’s even a shockingly gross and hilarious cartoon short so they can check off the animated category.

At the end Seth Rogen proudly declares the show qualifies for every category on Netflix, and will soon be the biggest thing ever on the streaming service.

All That Glitters is Goldblum

But it’s Jeff Goldblum, actually the Algorithm in the form of Jeff, that steps in and reminds Seth that it’s not about being the biggest, but doing good for the sake of being good.  After all, the money raised goes help families of Alzheimers patients. And that’s when Seth gets it.. HE’S SAVED THE WORLD!!!!  The show is bookended with his quest to make a difference and avoid a penalty of eternal damnation.

If you’d like to make a donation and help kick Alz in the ballz, the link is here: donatehfc.com.

In the end, you’ve laughed, sang with Muppets, and hopefully donated.  Not bad for an hour or so of your life. While this tries to be a modern and much edgier version of the old Comic Relief shows DO NOT click on the show if your kids are in the room even if it pops up in your Family Fun category. It’s definitely TV-MA+.

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

While we would never suggest vaping through your urethra, Seth seems to swear by it.  But since that’s not really something our house bartender will serve us (despite repeated requests) we recommend The Anus Burner. Just reading the ingredients will give you indigestion.

We don’t even like the taste.

But the name alone means it pairs perfectly with this comedy special.


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