Here Comes the Bride

A Cocktail Conversation with MasterChef Jr. Judge Christina Tosi reveals the biggest challenge yet: Getting a bride to turn over her catering to kids!

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They say your first wedding is always the most memorable. But despite that, a bride is turning over her wedding dinner to the kids of MasterChef Jr.

Season six is going full force, giving a group of kids high blood pressure usually only seen in people on a strict diet of deep fried food.  Tonight they’re working with another species known for high blood pressure: Brides!

Judge Christina Tosi hung with the Cocktail and gave us insight into the most challenging challenge yet, “A wedding they’re catering this season. We’re giving them the realist of real life experience and they’re rising to every challenge.”

You Gotta Have Faith

Knowing full well that brides can (rightly) be very specific and controlling their big day, how did the show convince the couple to say “I do” to the kids? Christina says it all comes down to faith, telling us, “I like to think of getting married as the ultimate leap of faith. And so if you’re willing to make that leap of faith with someone, why not?”

Christina says the kids made quite the impression. “They see the young home cooks, they can’t quite believe their eyes but they see these kids in the kitchen the second the time starts and they’re off to the races.”

Christina promises, despite our doubts, that having the kids there was a stress reliever, “The bride and groom all they have to do is say ‘I do’ and sit down, ready to eat a delicious meal.” Of course, knowing that Über-Chef Gordon Ramsay is there as a backup probably helped calm some nerves!

Chef Tells

“This season’s been incredible. We’re six seasons in at this point and some of the home cooks have now been raised by watching Masterchef Junior.” Yep. There’s a statement to make you feel old. Some of these wannabe chefs don’t remember a world without MasterChef Jr. They’re realizing their childhood ambition before the onset of puberty!

“So think about that talent building from season to season. These young home cooks are coming in more talented than ever, more hungry than ever, more competitive than ever.” That means the young chefs have seen all the tricks, twists, and challenges. And it’s up to Christina et al to stay as creative behind the scenes as the kids are in the kitchen. “So we have to continue to raise the bar in terms of the challenges we dream up. We’re throwing these youngsters into real life professional kitchens.”

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

Vodka Sprite. It’s sweet like the kids on the show. It’s simple enough that you can’t mess it up. And about as ambitious as we feel after watching a 10-year-old make a perfect Consommé.


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