A Cocktail Conversation with Alicia Vikander

Lara Croft’s been gone (from the big screen anyway) for 15 years.  That means there’s a whole generation of fans who only think of Angelina Jolie as the chick who dumped Brad Pitt.  And to be honest, her version of Croft would clash with life in 2018.

Enter Alicia Vikander. The perfect Lara at the perfect time.

She hung out with the Cocktail and talked about getting ready mentally and physically for the role.

Fit Happens

“I think we all felt like taking on this character in this world was a lot,” Alicia told us, “because it has such following and including me. I played the game when I was a young teenager. It’s unique to bring the essence of this character that everyone loves and be true to that, but I love that we had the opportunity her to use that origin story as a way to get closer to her relate to her, really feel like we’re on the journey.”

The biggest challenge was getting in shape.  Alicia was already fit and the furthest thing from a beer-swilling, wing-bingeing slob that you can imagine.  But raiding tombs requires a lot of strength. From running to climbing to holding stress positions, you need to be jacked to be Lara Croft in 2018. Alicia was up to the challenge, telling us “I worked to put on muscle. I put on 10 or 12 pounds of muscle and I did rock climbing, some cool MMA, some boxing with incredible girls. I did bicycling and swimming.”

When you see the movie you’ll be able to tell the hard work pays off. “It was integrated into the story that she trains a lot, she’s a very physical girl. I’m quite petite and I wanted to look like, I don’t know, the cool stunt girls that I see on our film productions.”

Enough Is Never Enough

We asked how often she need to take breaks in-between takes.  Turns out, girl’s got stamina! “That’s probably a good thing. But for me I’d rather keep on going and kind of work through it. Then when you’re done you can have a proper rest. Because it’s kind of tough when you’re in it to do little breaks because you know you’re gonna have to go out there again and continue. So I’d rather just finish.”

It’s true, if we’re on our way out the door to the gym, we can’t even look at the couch or we’re never getting out of the house.  Alicia probably burned more calories per take than we burn in an entire day.  As it turns out, typing doesn’t burn that many calories.

A New Lara For A New Day

This Tomb Raider doesn’t pick up where the last one left off.  This Lara is youthful, unwilling to accept accepted truths, and willing to do everything on her own if need be. “She’s not on top of things in the beginning. And then step by step when she’s able to pull that warrior out  of her I think we’ll feel for her and root for her.”

The movie takes her on a bicycle chase through London, chasing down young punks in Hong Kong, surviving a wicked storm at sea, dodging a homicidal archeologist, and, of course, raiding a boobytrapped tomb.  And every step of the way Alicia embodies the spirit of Lara Croft and brings her to life in a way very few if any other actors could. And she loved it, telling us “It really feels like a gift in my job. One of the perks I think is when someone says it’s gonna be your day job to prepare. You’re gonna try and learn new abilities.”

Tomb Be Continued

Because very few people in this film are what they appear to be, this film is rife with sequel potential (trust us, stay for the credits). And Alicia is down for more. “It’s exciting times when the film is gonna come out. It’s gonna all depend on if people are hungry to see more of Lara Croft.”

This movie will leave you hungry.

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

Slim Sangria.  It’s the perfect light, refreshing drink after a tough workout, or watching someone workout on screen.


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