Love Is In The Air & On Your Big Screen

It appears that once again, the only romantic cinematic being offered up this year is the soft-core-porn-for-women-who-think-about-but-don’t-really-want-to-have-affairs franchinse known as Fifty Shades. Compounding the problem is the fact that the amore fest is on a Wednesday this year. So if you did your romantic getaway last weekend (or this coming weekend) but still want to get in some serious cuddle time on the actual day, we’ve picked out three great things to watch and scratch that Valentine’s Day itch (hopefully you have someone else to scratch other itches).

by bloody

My Bloody Valentine

Don’t you hate it when you learn the hard way that an old campfire legend about romance-hating serial killers turns out to be true? If we had a cocktail for everytime it happened around here, we’d be drunk all the time. Oh, wait. Anyway, you’ve got to watch the 1981 version, as the 2009 remake wasn’t all that. The original came out at the height of the slasher genre along with the Halloween’s and Friday the 13th series. But My Bloody Valentine took things to the next level, and according to some, government censors demanded that nine minutes be slashed(!) because they were too violent and gory.

If you’re looking for a movie that will get your boo holding you tight, this is for you.


Valentine’s Day

This movie came out in 2010 and starred, well, everyone! This started the “Day” franchise, and weaves several storylines together in a sweet and loveable way. This movie is saccharine start to finish, but if you want something that gives you the feels, then by all means uncork a bottle of wine and have at it.

Fun fact: Shirley Maclaine stars in this multi-generational ensemble flick, but producers weren’t too excited to showcase the old more senior generation. We were there when the entire cast was autographing posters for the studio to giveaway. This was the first time Shirley had seen the promotional posters, and saw that neither she nor Hector Elizondo were in the group picture. She was not pleased. We didn’t make things better when it was our turn to chat. We noticed most of the cast was going to be promoting the film on George Lopez’s show, but not her. We asked what she had planned instead, and her response: “I wasn’t asked!” We just moved on to the next question.

charlie vday

Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown

If you work late, or need to be up early and don’t have time for a full movie, we humbly suggest The Peanuts gang. Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown, is a 70s classic cartoon and it’s only 30 minutes. It’s the age old tale of a student falling for his teacher and a beagle that lovingly torments a girl. It’s a nice bit of innocent nostalgia that’s even more awesome when you’re watching it with a drink. And that brings us to…

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

Sex On The Beach.  Sure you may live hundreds of miles from warm sandy beaches (especially this time of year), but the drink is light and fruity and the name suggestive enough to set the tone for a long night of romance.


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