A Cocktail Conversation With Charo

Hearing the name Charo will bring a smile to the faces of our readers 45 and over, and puzzled look from those younger. Back in the day she was a high-spirited, high-energy, hilarious ball of energy. Forty years later, she’s a high-spirited, high-energy, hilarious ball of energy!

“I’m a cucaracha, I travel around the world with high heels and the luggage,” she told the Cocktail.  Charo is still hitting the road and shakin’ it for her fans. After playing Fort Lauderdale beach this weekend she’s off to headline at a casino in Palm Springs. “I’m introducing my new CD, Fantastico.” Yes, she’s still making music, and Fantastico is a song to be appreciated by her old school fans and appeal to fresh faces in the club.

Charo is an amazing flamenco guitar player and she puts it to use on the new track. But then she turns it over to a team of international DJs who have remixed the hell out of it and turned it in to a son that can shake the club at 1am.

Some Things Never Change

Living a life on the road and in the studio, racing from one promotional appearance to another takes its toll on most people.  Charo is not most people!  She looked and sounded the same as when she was cracking up Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show way back when. “Everybody says to me hey you don’t change, what is your secret?” Turns out laughter is the best medicine for staying young!  “My secret is if I have the choice, if I have to cry I go for the comedy. I write my own jokes. I believe in comedy and entertain people to the maximum.”

Standing Up For Others

Charo has spent her life fighting for equality.  As a child, her family let gypsies chill at their farm in Spain. “Every summer my sister and I lived with them.. celebrated the way they live and their music. That’s how I started flamenco.” And their musical influence is still front and center in her show today. “I’m gonna play the most beautiful gypsy melodies from maybe 500 years ago.”

She’s also helping put an end to bull fighting in Spain, having helped restrict it in Barcelona and in the north.

“I am completely against discrimination. I think that everyone is equal.”  Our diva is also fighting for equal rights for the gay community.  And she summed up her stance in the most Charo way possible: “Love is love. Amore is Amore. Also cuchi is cuchi.”

The Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

The Isaac. The guy who played Isaac the bartender on The Love Boat concocted his own cocktail and teaches us how to make it.

Until next time, cuchi cuchi & cheers!

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