Taking Off With the Stars of LA To Vegas

Screaming babies kicking the back of your seat, no seats in the terminal while you wait for your delayed flight, running out of Woodford on the beverage cart. Even A-Listers like Dylan McDermott aren’t exempt from the absurdities of air travel. “It’s so tortuous everytime you go to the airport that you have to laugh at it.”MV5BODkxMTc0MzYtMWI1YS00YjNmLWJkMTQtNTE5MzJmZTZjZDRiXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTExNDQ2MTI@._V1_

Dylan told us that’s the inspiration for LA to Vegas (9pm ET Tuesdays on FOX), a new comedy set on an ūber discount airline flying the short but eventful route between two of the wild west’s wildest cities.  Considering the trip is only slightly longer than the 30 minute show we have to wonder how much comedic drama can unfold.  Turns out a lot! This week a passenger dies and the captain can’t land the plane!

Now Boarding

Dylan plays Captain Dave, a self-important pilot with a penchant for excess and can be seen at the airport bar for a pre-flight beverage. Leading the cabin crew is Ronnie played by Kim Matula (The Bold and the Beautiful) who is the most together person on board, but that bar is set incredibly low.  There are also some regulars who make the weekend trip, including Ed Weeks as Colin, a professor visiting his son who says he’s thrilled to have an aisle seat for this experience telling us “It’s just a phenomenal talented bunch of people.”

While it seems anyone who’s even driven past an airport has an airline nightmare story to share, Kim seems to be exempt. We tried sharing horror stories but she came up empty, but promises to try harder. “I gotta come up with a good horror story. I gotta make one up because I don’t have one.”

Dylan admits he’s had issues at 40,000 feet, but says it was a recent trip that validated his choice to take this role, “I flew to New York for Christmas and I was on Jetblue and the captain comes on and what’s he say? He says “hello, this is Captain Dave.” I kid you not. I was like oh my God. It was meant to be.”

Critic’s Cocktail Recommendation

We’re letting Ed Weeks take over the bar for this review.  We asked him what the perfect drink is for this show, and he looked directly to Capt. Dave for inspiration. “He’s a scotch man, I believe. I don’t know that he actually drinks on the job, I hope not but maybe he has a little bottle for when he touches down.”

So pour a glass of 17 year Macallan, put your seat back in the relaxed position, and fasten your seat belt cuz it’s gonna be a hilariously bumpy ride.

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